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Wichita man, 19, sentenced in 2013 murder

A Wichita teen convicted of murder in a 2013 deadly drug deal has been ordered to serve time in a juvenile correctional facility until he is 22 1/2 years old, plus another six months of supervision after he is released.

But if Clifton Parks, 19, violates the terms of his sentence, he will be imprisoned in an adult correctional facility for more than nine years — 109 months for second-degree unintentional but reckless murder and 46 months for unlawful distribution of a controlled substance to run concurrently, said Dan Dillon, spokesman for the Sedgwick County District Attorney's Office. District Judge Patrick Walters imposed the sentence.

Parks, who was originally charged with first-degree felony murder and drug distribution, pleaded no contest to the counts in December avoid being prosecuted as an adult. He was 17 when 34-year-old Ronald Betts was fatally shot during a drug transaction and attempted robbery on April 18, 2013, at in the 400 block of North Emporia.

Five other men were charged in the case; Parks was the youngest.

Parks was sentenced Tuesday under a Kansas law called extended jurisdiction juvenile prosecution, Dillon said. It allows a judge to impose both a juvenile and an adult sentence, but stay the latter on the condition that the child adhere to the terms of the juvenile sentence and not commit a new offense.

Of Parks’ co-defendants:

▪ Lorenzo Spires, 21, is set for sentencing Jan. 30 on second-degree murder, attempted distribution of a hallucinogen and criminal possession of a firearm convictions.

▪ Kyler Carriker, 23, faces trial June 15 on charges of first-degree felony murder and attempted possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

▪ Kyle Beltz, 23, and Dennis Haynes III, 20, are each serving life prison sentences on first-degree felony murder and other convictions.

▪ John Carter, 20, is serving 10 years, three months in prison for second-degree reckless murder, attempted aggravated robbery and attempted possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

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