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More than 50 shell casings found outside new after-hours club

More than 50 shell casings were found outside an after-hours club in the 2200 block of North Broadway on Sunday morning.

The club had opened in the past couple of weeks, according to Wichita police Sgt. Nikki Woodrow, so Wichia police did not know it was there. “We don’t get notice when they open up something like that,” Woodrow said.

Woodrow said the police did not receive a lot of cooperation when they responded to the reports of gunshots at around 4:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. The police found damage to a nearby house, another business nearby and a vehicle in the parking lot, but there were no victims found and no suspects identified.

Private clubs operate according to various rules, Woodrow said, and there is no limit to how late they can be open. Some clubs have been open for years and never been the source of a police call, she said.

“They’re not all bad,” Woodrow said. “Sometimes they bring some issues and problems, and we need to work together to deal with that.”

Typically, police send officers to places where they know there will be many people congregating late at night, Woodrow said. But she did not know how many of these after-hours clubs there are, or whether they have liquor licenses.

Woodrow said the police will be looking into how it might combat violence at after-hours clubs, including more attention from police and community policing.

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