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Wichita police: Spike in local Honda vehicle thefts

A 2000 Honda Civic sits completely stripped.
A 2000 Honda Civic sits completely stripped. Eagle file photo

Thirty Honda vehicles have been stolen in Wichita in the past two weeks – and 122 have been stolen this year, Wichita police say.

“Hondas are considered one of the most popular vehicles that thieves target nationwide,” a news release said Tuesday.

Police say 17 of the 30 vehicles stolen in the past two weeks have been recovered. Some have been stolen again after being recovered.

“It’s just a crime trend that will fall off and then comes right back,” said Lt. Wanda Parker-Given. “We do get them recovered. It looks like sometimes … they drop one (Honda) stolen and take another. We’ve seen a little bit of that pattern also.”

Hondas were the No. 1 stolen vehicle brand in Wichita in 2011 and 2012, Parker-Given said. But Chevrolet was the top brand from 2013 to 2015.

In 2014, 399 Hondas were stolen and 338 were recovered by police. Last year, 279 of 316 stolen Hondas were recovered.

Most of the recent stolen vehicles were Accords and Civics with model years between 1988 and 2002.

Parker-Given said owners can prevent thefts through “something simple” to disable their vehicles to slow thieves down.

“Police encourage the use of a secondary anti-theft system such as a steering wheel lock, an alarm or immobilizers for vehicles,” the release said.

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