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Authorities remove four children from ‘very filthy’ south Wichita residence

Four young children were placed in police protective custody Thursday after social workers found them living in a residence that included mouse and cat feces, dirty diapers and rotten food, Wichita police said Friday.

Two social workers were doing a follow-up welfare check of a mobile-home residence near Hydraulic and 55th Street South about 11 a.m., Lt. James Espinoza said.

No one responded for some time to their knocks on the door, although the social workers could hear children inside. The parents eventually came to the door, Espinoza said.

Inside, the social workers found “very filthy” living conditions, he added.

“The children hadn’t been bathed for quite some time,” Espinoza said. Ash trays were overturned and there was no bedding on the beds.

Girls ages 1 and 5 and boys 3 and 7 lived in the house. They were taken by police to the Wichita Children’s Home.

Social workers had previously visited the home last week. They decided on that visit to leave the children with their parents in an attempt to keep the family together.

“They were given an opportunity to make the living conditions better,” Espinoza said, “but they didn’t.”

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