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Former ICE agent pleads guilty to local charges in attempt to help Kansas inmate escape

A former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer accused of trying to help a Kansas jail inmate escape has pleaded guilty to local charges.

Andrew J. Pleviak pleaded guilty Wednesday to local charges in Kingman County District Court, County Attorney Matthew W. Ricke said in a news release. The conviction came a week after he was indicted by a federal grand jury on additional charges.

Pleviak admitted guilt in felony crimes of making false information and attempted aiding escape of another in custody, Ricke said. He had originally been charged with those two crimes as well as forgery, interference with law enforcement and false impersonation.

The separate local and federal cases stem from Pleviak’s alleged attempt to help a man escape the Kingman County Jail by pretending to be an ICE supervisor from Wichita and claiming the illegal immigrant in the sheriff’s custody was a Drug Enforcement Administration informant.

Prosecutors allege that Pleviak’s attempt to get the man released from jail included five phone calls, which the sheriff’s office recorded, and showing up in person with a fake memorandum on ICE letterhead from the agency’s Wichita office. He was arrested after arriving at the jail.

Court documents filed by federal prosecutors detailed the allegations against Pleviak, a former ICE agent convicted of violating a federal computer security statute. That 2018 case in U.S. Court came after a KAKE-TV anchor told Wichita police that Pleviak was sending her sensitive law enforcement material and sexual texts.

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