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Pictures of pantless burglar in Wichita draws tips, lead

A picture of an apparently pantless man with one shoe who Wichita police say broke into the Heritage Restaurant drew a few hundred comments and even more shares. That helped lead to the arrest of 41-year-old John Avelar on suspicion of burglary and theft.

Officer Paul Cruz said callers and officers helped identify the man from the pictures.

The Wichita Police Department posted pictures of the suspect on Facebook around 10:15 a.m. Friday and updated that the man, wearing an Oakland Raiders’ T-shirt and appearing to be holding his pants, was identified about 90 minutes later. Officer Charley Davidson said the man went in through a roof vent around 1:50 a.m. on Aug. 15 at the restaurant, 4551 S. Broadway Street.

“As the suspect attempted to slide through the vent he did lose a shoe and his shorts were torn as well,” Davidson said. “The suspect then fell into the kitchen and roamed around the restaurant, eating some of the food in the refrigerator and stealing some of the lottery tickets.”

In one picture, the man appeared to be holding his pants while roaming around the kitchen area.

“Take those pics to local gyms and the Y and unless he works out at home you’ll find him,” one man wrote. “Look at his leg definition he has a membership somewhere I assure you.”

Another person wrote: “This is the most Raiders thing I’ve seen today.” There were quite a few Raider comments.

Another comment: “No shoes no pants no problem,” using a play on words to a popular Kenny Chesney song.

The post had more than 330 comments and 570-plus shares.