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Rash of motorcycle thefts in east Wichita concerns police

Thirteen motorcycles have been stolen on the east side of Wichita — mostly in the southeast — during a roughly six-week span.

On Friday, Lt. Scott Brunow, with the Wichita Police Department’s auto theft division, said 52 motorcycles have been stolen so far this year in Wichita. The 13 in east Wichita happened mainly south of Kellogg between Aug. 1 and Sept. 16.

Brunow said motorcycles at apartments have been a major target.

“And motorcycle thefts, majority of the time, what we see is a truck with a trailer or a truck pulls up, two or three guys get out and grab the motorcycle put it in the bed of the truck and they are gone within seconds,” Brunow said. “They are just easy to steal.”