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Girlfriend of former Marine who shot Rice County sheriff, undersheriff has been arrested

The girlfriend of a former Marine who shot the Rice County undersheriff and sheriff before killing himself and his father was arrested Wednesday in connection with the April 29 shootings.

Erin Baker, 27, was arrested at her home without incident by the Barton County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday morning on charges of obstruction of apprehension, aggravated endangering of a child and interference with an officer.

She remained jailed Wednesday afternoon in lieu of a $10,000 bond. The charges are in Rice County but Baker was booked in Barton County where she lives.

Officers said Baker was driving the car with her son in the back seat when she was pulled over by undersheriff Chad Murphy on April 29. Murphy saw Baker’s boyfriend, David Lee Madden, in the passenger seat and knew the 37-year-old had an active warrant.

When Murphy approached the car, Madden leaned out and opened fire. He shot Murphy four times: once in the neck, then in the shoulder, then in the back and hip as Murphy tried to retreat.

Baker, officers said, then drove Madden to his home in Alden to get guns and ammunition and dropped him off at his childhood home in rural Raymond. That’s where Madden shot sheriff Bryant Evans in the leg through the driver side door of his patrol car and killed his father, 65-year-old Thomas, before killing himself.

In the wake of the shootings, the Rice County Sheriff’s Office has responded near the Raymond home after being told about vandalism on the dirt road. Deputies found “DAVID LEE MADDEN” with a heart below it, then “MY HERO” spray painted and carved into the road near the home. Evans said Baker and another person were found nearby.

“You can’t say it was them, because we didn’t see them do the act,” Evans said.