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Teter Rock vandals clean spray paint from Kansas landmark, sheriff says

The vandals who damaged a Kansas landmark on private property have cleaned the site instead of facing prosecution.

The Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office said law enforcement was told on Friday that Teter Rock, a landmark near Cassoday, had been vandalized with spray paint. Investigators identified the people involved, and presented options to the landowner.

“The land owner made the decision to allow the individuals to clean up the site rather than seek legal action against them,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post. “Cleanup took approximately 8.5 hours. The cleanup process exposed new rock face which will weather over time to restore the landmark to its original appearance.

“This is a place that is very special to the residents of Greenwood County and which carries historical significance. It is privately owned and the owner has allowed public access so that people may enjoy the beauty of such a unique and special place. This type of childish behavior has the potential to impact that access and affect everyone. Hopefully this incident serves as a learning opportunity to dissuade those who would deface our landmarks.”