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Ex-cop who outed undercover officer at illegal poker game pleads guilty, attorney says

A former Wichita cop who outed an undercover officer at an illegal poker game has pleaded guilty to not reporting the gambling, federal prosecutor said.

Michael Zajkowski, 51, of Wichita, pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of concealing a felony, U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister said in a news release. He admitted in his plea deal that he knew about the illegal, private poker games but did not report it to law enforcement.

“On Feb. 12, 2014, one of the co-defendants suspected an undercover Wichita police officer had come to a poker game posing as a gambler,” McAllister said. “At the co-defendant’s request, Zajkowski attempted to find out whether there was a police investigation and provided information to the co-defendant.”

Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed to recommend Zajkowski serve a year of federal probation. Sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 2.

A second former Wichita police officer who pleaded guilty in the illegal gambling case was previously sentenced to a year of supervised probation. Bruce Mackey, of Goddard, pleaded guilty in August to misprision of a felony. He admitted that he failed to report the illegal poker game after prosecutors said he helped the game’s organizers determine that one of the gamblers was a cop.

“Zajkowski and Mackey made calls and sent texts, trying to use police resources to find out who owned the car,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office previously said. The two men gave gambling organizers “reason to believe an undercover officer was present and they confirmed his car was registered to the City of Wichita and in service to the Wichita Police Department.”

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