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Cow charged cop on railroad after escaping butcher — then was shot, Kansas police say

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A Kansas cop shot a cow that charged him as he tried to herd it off railroad tracks after the cow escaped from a processing plant, officials say.

The Valley Center Department of Public Safety said in a Facebook post that officers were called to a report of an escaped cow in downtown Valley Center on Thursday, but the cow “was not in a mooood to be caught.”

Officers tried to herd the cow away from traffic, but the cow got on railroad tracks once it was north of the town. An officer was trying to herd the cow off the train tracks when it charged him, and he shot the cow, police said.

“The officer was not trampled or hurt,” police said in the post. “The cow seemed unfazed by the event and continued west through fields.” The cow was later caught more than a mile away from the scene of the shooting. It was returned to where it escaped from — a processing plant.

“The officer and cow are udderly ready to mooove on and put this incident behind them,” police said in the post.

Brock Volkman of Richards Cold Storage in Valley Center told The Eagle that a customer was taking the cow to be butchered when it escaped. They were able to rope the cow after it was shot, then brought it back for processing. The cow, which did not have a name, had been shot once, but the meat wasn’t damaged, he said.

A Valley Center police sergeant confirmed that there was an incident where an officer discharged his service weapon at a charging cow on Thursday, but was not able to answer further questions.

It is unknown whether the department will classify the incident as an officer-involved shooting and whether there will be an internal investigation, or how many shots were fired and where the cow was hit.

Valley Center is a Sedgwick County town of around 7,000 people about 15 miles north of downtown Wichita.

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