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Wichita husband who chased, killed mother of 6 had meth in his system, autopsy shows

Timeline leading to mother’s murder

Kristin Florio-Gile took steps to protect herself and her six children from her husband Randy Giles. Her family says the system failed her. How Wichita police handled a case against her husband before he killed her.
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Kristin Florio-Gile took steps to protect herself and her six children from her husband Randy Giles. Her family says the system failed her. How Wichita police handled a case against her husband before he killed her.

When Randy “Rocky” Gile shot his estranged wife, Kristin Florio-Gile, four times on Oct. 6 after chasing her along a Derby street, he had methamphetamine in his system, according to autopsy reports.

Florio-Gile — a 33-year-old mother of six young children — died from a gunshot wound to the head but also suffered three other wounds.

Her four wounds, according to the autopsy: the fatal wound to her head, entering at the bridge of her nose; a wound to her left lower back; a wound to her left buttock; a wound to her left thigh.

Randy Gile, also 33, died from a self-inflicted shot to his forehead.

The Eagle obtained the autopsy reports from Sedgwick County officials on Thursday.

A witness saw Gile shoot himself after he shot his wife, according to the autopsy.

She was pronounced dead at 5:33 p.m., 14 minutes after he was pronounced dead, the reports say.

To some people close to Gile, it would come as no surprise that the autopsy found meth and amphetamine in his blood: His older sister, Sherranda Gile, told The Eagle last month that she noticed her brother becoming short-tempered and violent about a year ago. She suspected he was using meth. Her brother also “drank all the time,” she said. His autopsy found no alcohol.

His sister said she thought her brother’s substance abuse led to the murder/suicide. A detective told her parents that investigators found meth in his truck after the shooting.

Meth addiction is driving up the crime rate, local officials say. And meth also was a factor in another jolting homicide: The man who killed Sedgwick County sheriff’s Deputy Robert Kunze in September had meth in his system, an autopsy showed.

In the domestic violence case, the couple had lived with their six children on a cul de sac near 53rd and Hydraulic, in south Wichita.

On Sept. 15, three weeks before Gile ran her off the road and shot and killed her on Oct. 6, she fled with their six children, ages 3 to 12, and called police after he allegedly pointed a gun at her. Wichita police arrested Gile and booked him into jail on suspicion of felony aggravated assault. Police also seized three guns and ammunition, met with a prosecutor and interviewed her and one of her children, according to a police timeline obtained by The Eagle.

He bonded out of jail within a day of his arrest. He had yet to be charged when the shooting occurred.

In early October, Wichita police had an order to arrest him again for violating an order that he have no contact with his wife — if they could find him. He possibly could have been put back in jail after Oct. 1 for violating a protective order she had obtained.

She and her children had moved in with her parents. He was supposed to stay away from them.

The shooting occurred on the evening of Oct. 6, on a Saturday, on a rolling stretch of road on the northeast side of Derby. He followed her after she had gone to retrieve bunk beds and clothes from the home from which she had fled.

She thought he was in jail after violating the protective order, according to her family.

The evening of the shooting, he used a rental car to force her SUV into a spin and up against a barbed wire fence on 63rd Street about a mile east of Rock Road. He had chased her for a few miles, east from K-15.

As she drove her SUV between Wichita and Derby, Gile chased her along 63rd. Her father had been driving ahead of her.

In an Eagle article, last month Rick Florio recounted the attack on him and his daughter: “All of the sudden, I heard, ‘pop-pop-pop-pop-pop.’” Gunshots. He saw Gile pull beside him — “and give me the most evil look I’ve ever seen.”

Rick Florio’s truck had 13 bullet holes, and he was wounded in his left side. “I think his intention was to take me out first,” Rick Florio said.

Once Rick Florio saw Gile, he tried to keep his truck between Gile’s rental car and his daughter’s SUV. Rick Florio rammed the rear of Gile’s car twice. But Gile managed to drive on in his silver rental car and keep chasing Kristin Florio-Gile as she fled in her black SUV. Somehow, she drove off ahead of her father as Gile chased her.

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