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Here are the 10 spots in Wichita where police wrote the most tickets

The Eagle's yearly analysis of Wichita traffic and parking citations points out the hotspots.
The Eagle's yearly analysis of Wichita traffic and parking citations points out the hotspots.

Where did Wichita police write the most tickets last year?

When are you mostly likely to get cited? And for what?

We have those answers for you.

Wichita police issued more than 47,000 traffic and parking citations to motorists in 2017. The Eagle each year analyzes data containing information about the tickets to help identity trends and problem spots in town, such as where drivers tend to speed or ignore stop signs.

It can also be used to find out fun facts like what day of the week police officers issue the most tickets. That's on Thursday, it turns out. (They write the fewest on Sundays.)

Police wrote most tickets between 9 and 10 a.m. Speeding was a regular problem. So be mindful on your morning commute.

Below are the top 10 places people received traffic and parking tickets last year. The data, which came from the city's website, didn't include address information for 374 cases. Generally, parking tickets were written at exact locations. Police generally marked addresses for moving violations by hundred blocks or intersections.

Places people were most likely to get a traffic or parking ticket in 2017

1. 455 N. Main: 1,963

Wichita City Hall was a hot bed for parking tickets last year. The bulk — 1,907 — were for meter violations at the address. Forty-two people also got in trouble for not parking within marked spaces. A lot happens at City Hall that might draw a person there — like municipal court and Wichita City Council meetings. You can either drop coins into one of the meters there or grab a ticket from the toll booth and pay on your way out of the parking lot.

2. 600 S. Webb: 1,553

Speeding was a major problem on this stretch of Webb adjacent to Kellogg that's just west of Wichita night spot Club Rodeo. Drivers had trouble slowing down for construction zones — the most common offense at 1,460 violations logged at this address.

The fastest speed clocked: 65 mph. A 27-year-old Wichita man was going 30 mph over the posted speed limit. Mostly, people drove 10 to 12 mph too fast.

Just over half of the tickets police wrote for construction-area speeding happened here last year.

3. East Kellogg and South Webb: 705

In the same area where construction zone speeding was a problem, drivers also tended to ignore the "No turn" signs posted at the Kellogg and Webb intersection. Wichita police wrote 512 tickets for "disobey no turn sign" there in 2017. Several people also were cited for improper turns, as well as insurance and driver's license violations.

4. 100 E. William: 547

Another hotspot for parking violations was this block of William near Century II and the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum. Motorists who parked on the street got ticketed 476 times for meter violations. (You have to feed the meter more money when time runs out.)

Police wrote 57 citations to people who left their vehicles parked longer than the legal maximum limit allowed for the parking space.

5. 100 N. Topeka: 412

All of the tickets police wrote on this downtown Wichita block were for parking. Most — 280 — were for parking in a core part of the city over the posted time limit. A quarter of citations issued were for parking in a truck loading zone.

The area is just off of Douglas near the Ruffin building and the Midian Shrine Center at 130 N. Topeka.

6. 3200 W. Kellogg: 404

Speeding was the overwhelming issue at 3200 W. Kellogg, which is near the West Street exit and Towne West Square. Police wrote 401 tickets to drivers who failed to slow down there last year. More than half, 223, were for speeding in a construction area.

Most people were going 14 to 16 mph too fast.

7. 222 E. Elm: 360

If you're planning on leaving your car in the lot by Commodore Apartments downtown, you might want to reconsider. In 2017, police wrote 357 citations to people who parked on the private lot and shouldn't have. One person got ticketed for abandoning a 2008 white Town and Country minivan there in October.

8. 8000 W. 21st St. N.: 336

Police repeatedly caught lead-footed drivers on 21st Street west of Ridge near a trio of churches. All but three of the tickets written there included a speeding charge. The most common offenses? Going 9 or 10 mph over the limit on a Wednesday.

9. 2600 S. 135 Highway: 290

Police gave motorists 276 tickets for speeding here. The location is south of Pawnee in south Wichita. Mostly, people cited were caught doing 10 to 15 mph over the speed limit. But just after the lunch hour on a Thursday in March police ticketed a 22-year-old Wellington man for zipping along at 112 mph — 52 mph over the posted speed limit.

10. 604 N. Main: 277

If you have to go to one of the downtown courthouses, you might skip parking in the private lot by Ecco Plaza, which houses the Sedgwick County Public Defender's Office. Police ticketed motorists 276 times for doing that here last year. One person also got cited for parking in a no parking zone.

All of those tickets were written on a weekday.

Find out who WPD wrote traffic tickets to in 2017

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