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Records reveal sometimes violent relationship between stepmom, father of missing boy

The stepmother and father of Lucas Hernandez have had a stormy, sometimes violent relationship, police records show.

Wichita police on Wednesday provided several incident reports about the couple after announcing that the stepmother has been arrested on suspicion of endangering 5-year-old Lucas and another child. Lucas has been missing since Saturday.

The release of the reports followed a record request from The Eagle on Tuesday for incident reports at two addresses where the couple have lived in the past two years.

In one of the domestic violence incidents, stepmother Emily Glass allegedly held a wooden ax handle while the couple argued, one report said. That occurred on April 4, 2016, at an apartment in a complex at 1157 S. Webb. They recently moved to a rental house in the 600 block of South Edgemoor. That’s where Glass reported Lucas missing.

The ax handle in the 2016 incident was taken as evidence.

During the alleged fight involving the ax handle, Lucas’ father, Jonathan Hernandez, suffered a bloody nose and other injuries, one report says. Glass had bruises on the side of her head and accused him of slapping her, a report says. She refused to go with emergency medical personnel.

Officers couldn’t determine the primary aggressor, a report says. Both were booked into jail. Glass was convicted of misdemeanor disorderly conduct, but the same charge against Hernandez was dismissed.

Less than two months before that case, police had gone to the same apartment the couple shared. They had argued, and Hernandez allegedly threatened to “throw all her stuff outside,” one of the police reports says.

Later that year, on Nov. 8, 2016, police went to the apartment on South Webb after a report of a loud disturbance. An officer wrote in a report that he saw injuries on the side of Hernandez’s face where Hernandez said that Glass had slapped him. She admitted to pushing him.

Police noted that a child’s table, possibly a Ninja Turtle table, had been knocked over.

A later report, on Dec. 6, 2017, described an incident in which Glass accused her boyfriend’s “ex” of punching her. Police found no visible injuries.

Glass told police that Hernandez was her live-in boyfriend and that she was supposed to pick up someone – the identifying information is blacked out in the report – at school “but had fallen asleep with Jonathan (Hernandez). They awoke and went to” Beech Elementary School, where Lucas goes to school. The ex was there and was upset, according to the police report.

Hernandez’s ex is Lucas Hernandez’s biological mother, according to other records. Glass told police she didn’t know why the biological mother was there because Jonathan Hernandez had full custody, the report said.

In contrast to the detailed reports about the other incidents involving the couple, police provided little information in the incident report about the disappearance of Lucas. The standard report described his disappearance as “Lost Juvenile Male.” The portion under “victim” has been blacked out.

It lists Glass, the stepmother, as the one who reported him missing.

Police said they now consider the investigation of the boy’s disappearance to be a criminal investigation, that they hope to find him alive and well and that more charges are possible.

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