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Police recover checks, credit cards that were stolen 16 years ago

A 27-year-old Wichita woman was arrested Wednesday after police say they found stolen items in her purse matching cases dating back to 2001.

Police aren’t sure yet exactly how the woman came into possession of the checks, credit cards and a passport – especially the items that were reported stolen when she was about 11.

But they’re currently working now to identify and locate the victims of at least 14 cases, Wichita police Officer Charley Davidson said.

The woman was stopped after she was seen committing a pedestrian violation in the 1200 block of South Terrace, he said. Officers have been patrolling the area due to an increase of drug and criminal activity, Davidson said.

He added that the woman wasn’t being honest with officers, but when the truth of her identity was determined, she was taken into custody on suspicion of 14 counts of possession of stolen property and a count each of possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Davidson said cases like these are the reason it’s important to report stolen property to police, no matter how minor it seems.

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