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Deputy’s killer seeks return of $4,560 seized from his home

An inmate serving a life sentence for the April 2005 killing of Harvey County sheriff’s Deputy Kurt Ford has filed a motion seeking the return of more than $4,000 that was taken from his home on the day of the shooting.

Gregory A. Moore, a maximum-security inmate at the Lansing Correctional Facility, appended to his motion a copy of a page from a search warrant that showed that the items seized from his home included an envelope containing $200 in cash and a zip-top plastic bag containing $4,360. Both were found in the master bedroom of the home at 131 SE 14th St. in Newton, where the shooting occurred.

Moore was convicted of killing Ford and wounding Hesston police Detective Chris Eilert after they had entered Moore’s home while responding to a domestic disturbance call. The trial was moved to Wichita because Harvey County’s judges knew Ford. A Sedgwick County jury convicted Moore of capital murder but was unable to unanimously agree on a death sentence.

In a motion filed last month in Sedgwick County District Court, Moore wrote that the money has never been used as evidence in any criminal or civil proceeding. He cited a state law that says when seized cash is no longer needed as evidence, it shall be returned to the owner unless it was used in “unlawful gambling or lotteries.”

“Movant states for the record that the money seized was not used in unlawful gambling or lotteries, and that no charges from the time of the seizure to present have been brought against this movement involving the seized money,” the motion states.

He noted that all appeals in the case have been finalized.

Moore filed a second, hand-written motion on May 15 asking that he be brought to Sedgwick County for a hearing if there are any objections to his first motion. He noted in the second motion that the “facility has been on lockdown since Thursday, May 9, 2013. Movant is filing pro-se and has been unable to use law library to research or type out this motion.”

District Judge Warren Wilbert has scheduled a hearing on both motions for June 14.

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