Police: Social media threat not related to Wichita high school

File photo

The Wichita Police Department issued a notice Wednesday morning about a social media post in connection to Northwest High School.

The social media post, which went viral, showed a picture with a hand holding a gun with a caption “Do not come to school tomorrow, you have been warned.”

“We received several 911 calls throughout yesterday and last night and quite a few Facebook messages on this with the belief that it was Northwest High School here in Wichita,” said Sgt. Nikki Woodrow, spokeswoman for the Wichita Police Department. “It was a Northwest High School in Ohio. Police were involved in it and have made an arrest on the case.”

Woodrow said the picture had a tag of a Northwest High School on it.

“A lot of people believed it was occurring in our city but their case has no connection with our city whatsoever,” Woodrow said. “We want to thank everybody for their concerns, their calls, their messages in letting us know something like this was going on and we were able to investigate it.”