Police: Kansas 6-year-olds take pickup for joyride

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When you’re 6 years old and you want to take a joyride in a pickup, it takes teamwork. But it’s also not likely to end well, as two young Newton boys found out late Tuesday afternoon.

The boys, who are friends, were with their parents when they were told they were about to leave the house they were in at about 4:30 p.m., said Gloria Arellano, a records clerk for the Newton Police Department.

The boys hurried out to the Toyota Tundra and started the vehicle. With one boy working the pedals and the other steering, they drove south on the residential street, according to an account posted on the department’s Facebook page.

“It just seemed like they were being curious children,” Arellano said.

The pickup left the street in the 200 block of Columbus and struck two mailboxes and a Dodge Dakota parked in a driveway, according to the Facebook post. The impact knocked the Dakota into a parked van and then a tree.

The Tundra continued south on Columbus and struck three more vehicles in a driveway, police said. The Tundra finally came to a stop in a yard about three blocks from where the boys climbed into the pickup.

There were no serious injuries, police say, though one of the boys was taken to a Wichita hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The whole incident unfolded in about a minute, Arellano said.

“Children are quick,” she said.

Arellano said she couldn’t remember anything like that happening in Newton recently. Nonetheless, police posted some safety tips Wednesday related to children and vehicles. They include:

▪ Work with your children on identifying vehicle safety issues.

▪ Do not leave keys in the ignition or in an unattended vehicle.

▪ Do not allow children to play in unattended vehicles.

▪ Accompany children when they get in and out of the vehicle. If necessary, hold their hands while walking near a moving or stopped vehicle.

▪ Designate an adult to supervise and find a safe spot for children to wait when getting ready to leave or when vehicles are in motion.

▪ If an accident does occur involving children, call 911 and stay at the scene.

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