Kansas House advances bill to allow shooting clubs at schools

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A bill that would require school districts to open their campuses to shooting clubs gained initial passage by a wide margin Wednesday in the Kansas House.

HB 2468, which passed 91-27, originates from a controversy in the Derby school district. Oaklawn Elementary had allowed a BB gun shooting club for 30 years, but when the district’s superintendent discovered the club last year he put a stop to it, citing safety concerns.

The bill would prohibit school districts from “preventing organizations from conducting activities on school property solely because the activities involve the possession and use of air guns.”

That would effectively require school districts to allow shooting clubs on campus or restrict all outside groups from using school facilities.

Schools could require the parents of any children participating in a shooting club to sign a waiver relieving the district from any liability. The districts could still restrict students from having BB guns on campus except in cases where the child is a participant in a shooting club event.

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