Christian Women in Action gathering diapers for fundraiser

When Margarita Hunt would ask her friends with infants what they needed, the answer was often simple: diapers. At the same time Hunt had been thinking about starting a women’s group and the two ideas seemed to click into place when she started Christian Women in Action, and decided the group’s first fundraiser would be a diaper drive.

The group and the fundraiser both started in November and the diaper drive ends on Saturday. The group of about 15 women will meet Saturday to count the diapers and decide where to donate them. The group is collecting diapers for newborns to three year olds. The group has members from various denominations and churches in Wichita.

People are invited to attend the meeting or drop off donations at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Iasis Christian Center, 1914 E. 11th St.

Hunt said she got the idea for the group because of what she saw as a lack of spiritual support for women by other women. She formed the group once she talked it over with her priest.

“I’d been hearing over-and-over when I met with other organizations, that we were really needing more, some group, some one-on-one, more of a nurturing and mentoring spiritual guidance,” Hunt said.

The diaper drive started shortly after she saw something similar during a trip to New Mexico.

“I thought, ‘Oh wow! What a way to get women together for a common need, a common concern and, you know, go for it,’” Hunt said.

For more information, contact Hunt at margaritalh33@yahoo.com.