What’s in store for Wichita in 2015? Two psychics and a mentalist weigh in

Making predictions can sometimes be easy. “Star Wars: Episode VII,” for example, will likely make a ton of money, and its merits will be endlessly debated on social media. But some predictions are much more difficult.

So what’s in store for Wichita in 2015? Two local psychics and a mentalist weigh in.

Sierra Wes’ predictions

Sierra Wes first started making predictions at the age of 7. Now, 26 years later, she works as a psychic at Luminous Psychic Healer in Wichita.

Wes said she sees economic growth in the back half of the year, but only after a financial downfall at the beginning of 2015.

After the first six months, Wes predicts growth in Wichita – enough to “see the surrounding communities around Wichita becoming one.” She couldn’t see which communities specifically.

When asked if popular businesses like Trader Joe’s and Macy’s will be moving into Wichita, Wes didn’t see it happening (sorry, Wichitans). But – she did see a Cheesecake Factory in the future.

Most of all, Wes said she predicts a shortage in school funding.

“I see that the schools are going to have financial problems,” she said. “School funding is very prominent in my vision.”

Hope’s predictions

Wes’ predictions may seem pessimistic, but another local psychic, Hope, is a little more, well, hopeful.

Hope (one name only) is a psychic who works at Psychic and Spiritual Mother Hope in Wichita. She has been making predictions for nearly 40 years.

“I was about 9 when I first did a reading,” she said.

While she said she sees things going well in Topeka and Wichita specifically, Hope said the whole state and its residents stand to do well in 2015.

This success, she said, will stem from an improving housing economy, job economy and the new airport terminal scheduled to open in the spring. She also said the population will boom because of more folks moving into the state to work, particularly for aircraft companies.

“We’re going to have more people and things coming in,” she said. “Due to the aircraft companies, I do see the population is going to get bigger from there. That’s where all of our success is going to come out to be.”

Waltermire’s predictions

While he’s not technically a psychic, but more of a corporate entertainer, magician and mentalist, Curtis Waltermire agrees with Hope.

Waltermire has lived in the Wichita area for nearly 10 years. After living in seaside cities like Seattle and Anchorage, he said he found a city that is both entertaining and affordable in Wichita.

“I just wish there was an ocean nearby,” he said.

While he doesn’t see an ocean coming to Wichita next year – barring major tidal events – he said he predicts “an ocean of business and prosperity.”

“People are coming here, they’re spending their money here, they’re starting their businesses here,” he said.

While Waltermire is quick to note that he is not psychic, but more of an illusionist, he said he thinks there are some who are more in-tune than others.

“I believe there are a lot of fake psychics out there, but you can predict trends,” he said. “I think that it’s good to pay attention to people in the know.”