Two men die after being struck by pickup in Goddard

The intersection of Walnut and Brazos, in Goddard, where two men were struck by a red pickup while walking. The two men later died of their injuries.
The intersection of Walnut and Brazos, in Goddard, where two men were struck by a red pickup while walking. The two men later died of their injuries. The Wichita Eagle

By Friday dusk, all that was left at the intersection of Walnut and Brazos were yellow evidence paint marks on the pavement, dried blood on the grass, and a huddle of neighbors trying to make sense of what had happened.

Earlier Friday, two men were struck and killed by a red pickup truck while crossing the quiet residential intersection in Goddard.

Police have not identified the men, except to say that one was 69 years old and the other was 72. Neighbors say one was a retired Goddard schoolteacher and the other had driven buses for the district.

The two men, one of whom used a walker, were heading south on Walnut Street with a small dog around 11:30 a.m. Friday when they were hit.

Neighbor Mark Jordan, who was at work when the incident happened, has a security camera on his porch that recorded the incident. He allowed an Eagle reporter to view it before providing it to Goddard police.

A boat parked in Jordan’s driveway partially obscures the intersection, but the security footage shows that around 11:30 a.m., a red pickup is traveling south on Walnut.

The truck turns toward the left-hand side of the intersection and at one point appears to jump the curb. Fresh black tire tracks were still visible on the curb later Friday night.

“It almost looked like he was driving in our yard – that’s how close he cut,” said Jordan’s wife, Stacie, after viewing the security footage.

Neighbor Mary Cavanaugh, who lives one house south of Jordan, was home when the incident occurred. She said the driver of the truck, who she said looked to be around 18 to 20 years old, then drove south on Walnut before turning around and parking in front of her house.

Cavanaugh said the driver of the pickup did not leave his vehicle until police came.

Interim Goddard Police Chief Don McElroy said a Goddard officer was doing a routine patrol when he witnessed parts of the incident Friday morning.

The security footage shows Goddard police arriving on the scene, and multiple officers are seen running toward the red pickup with guns drawn.

The rest of the action moves off-camera.

Both victims were transported to Via Christi Hospital St. Francis – one in serious condition and the other critical. McElroy said he talked with the hospital’s trauma unit around 3:30 p.m. Friday and learned that both had died.

Police are investigating the crash as an accident, and the driver of the pickup, who was not injured, has been cooperative, McElroy said.

Neighbor Patty Frame, who lives across the street from the Jordans, was working at Clark Davidson Elementary School, no more than a block to the north, when the collision happened.

She said after it happened, she received an e-mail from the school district saying no employees or students of the district were involved in the crash.

“It was extremely scary and you just pray for the people that were involved,” she said.

While she said she did not personally know the two men killed, she said they were well-known in the neighborhood, and were often seen walking with each other and their wives.

Officers were on scene until about 5:30 p.m., when the driver’s pickup was towed away, Mark Jordan said.

McElroy said he had enlisted help from the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office to reconstruct what happened, “trying to gather the facts.”

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