'A letter to Stephen King, the media from Dennis Rader's daughter'

On Thursday, Kerri Rawson – daughter of Wichita’s BTK serial killer – sent a letter titled: “A letter to Stephen King, the media from Dennis Rader’s daughter.”

She included her phone number and e-mail.

The letter from her reads as follows:

To The Eagle, The Wichita TV Media & Mr. Stephen King. My family is done, we are tired. We are not news, we are not a story to be exploited & profited on, to be twisted & retold to your liking whenever you want. Leave us, the families & the community out of it.

My dad is not a monster, that’s elevating him. He’s just a man, who choose to do some of the most horrible things a person can do. Not a monster, a man. A man who took 10 precious lives & tried to destroy countless others. He’s not worth the attention.

My mom is the strongest & bravest woman I know. She doesn’t need her life re-spun in a story or on the big screen. Her life is a true testament of all that is good & right in this world.

My family has tried hard to fight the good fight, to stand on our faith & live out a peaceful life. So let us live that life & please, leave us out of it. Out of the noise & chaos & the ugly & the awful.

Kerri (Rader) Rawson