May showers aren’t good for May flowers

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If April showers brought May flowers, then this May’s showers are killing them.

Although the heavy rains this May have been good for lawns and established plants, they’ve inundated newly planted flowers. When flowers are planted in heavy soils such as clay they have a hard time draining all the water, according to Jeremy Johnson, president of Johnson’s Garden Centers.

Johnson also says he’s been seeing a fair bit of fungus on plants and lawns, due to the moisture, which can make it look like lawns have dead-spots. A fungicide can get rid of that problem.

Although gardeners have to adapt to this May’s rain, Johnson does not recommend that Wichita gardeners change course. “We focus on plants that are more drought-tolerant because that’s what our typical Kansas summers are,” Johnson said. “The wet weather isn’t going to stay around forever.”

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