Her security cam let her know she had a visitor — and it was slithering, video shows

Makenze Bullins was at work when her Nest security camera notified her of a visitor at her front door.

“S.O.S, S.O.S, S.O.S, S.O.S,” the Kechi, Kansas woman posted to Facebook (in emoji form) after she saw who the visitor was.

The camera alerts her anytime it senses someone at the door, even if they don’t ring the doorbell, according to the Nest website. It then shows video of who is out front.

The doorbell camera can even tell the difference between “a person and a thing,” the website says.

But this time, it wasn’t a person or a thing, the security footage showed.

Rather, it was a big, slithering snake.

“This is NO JOKE!!” Bullins posted to Facebook at about 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Both she and her husband were away from home, and the snake would not leave.

“This freaking thing keeps setting off my doorbell camera!!” she continued. “Someone PLEASE come get this snake for me! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!”

Bullins also posted some of the video footage.

In one of the videos, the snake peeks into the camera and even sticks its tongue out — many, many times. It then continues to slither up and down her door. Other videos show the snake continuing to slither on the front of her home.

This snake was demanding to be noticed, it seems.

But Bullins wasn’t having it. She wanted this snake gone — for good.

About four hours after her original post, she said a “life saver” relocated the snake for her. She also posted a photo of the snake in his hand.

“I still think it’s better off dead,” she said.

Bullins did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding where the snake was relocated to — or if the snake visitor has a name.

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