Rat conditions? Here is the Wichita number to call

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The Eagle is hearing from a number of residents across Wichita with concerns about rats outside their homes – after a story Tuesday about a rat infestation in an east Wichita neighborhood.

One of the residents’ questions is which local government number they should call to report their rat problem.

Although the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department doesn’t deal specifically with rat complaints, people can call the agency at 316-660-9220, and select from the menu of options, to report conditions that can contribute to rats, said Deb Legge, neighborhood inspection administrator with MABCD.

So residents can report conditions such as bulky waste, tires, junk vehicles, sanitation issues and tall grass and weeds that might provide what Legge calls rat “harborage.”

Residents are responsible for keeping their property reasonably clean and uncluttered, Legge said.

She noted that a number of areas reporting rats aren’t areas known for pest infestation because the residents tend to keep their property free of debris.

Legge said Wednesday that she was working on a list of tips about how to make sure property is not conducive to rats.