State orders emergency suspension of Hutchinson day care

The state has ordered the emergency suspension of a Hutchinson day care, according to a news release Thursday.

The licensed day care home, Cherished Memories, 1404 N. Monroe in Hutchinson, is operated by Lana Jean Haines, according to a news release from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

According to the emergency order issued Wednesday, Haines has an active case of MRSA – Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. It is considered a superbug that’s often tough to treat and resistant to commonly used antibiotics.

Haines also has a longstanding history of open wounds on both of her legs and was recently hospitalized for nearly a month, the order said. The order said MRSA is a danger to children, if transmitted.

The emergency order said Haines was released back to work by her primary care physician on the condition she have a helper for at least four hours every day and would stay off her feet. KDHE authorities were concerned, according to the order, when on Tuesday no helper was present at the day care home.

“Licensee’s legs are bandaged, but since this is a skin wound, the bacteria can be transmitted by touch,” the order read. “With the children crawling around on the floor and touching her legs, the Licensee’s primary care physician does not believe it is medically safe for her to run a daycare with chronic infections and MRSA at this time.”

The emergency order will remain in effect until it is rescinded. Haines can appeal.

Emergency orders are typically issued by the secretary of the KDHE in order to protect children in a home with a potential threat to health or safety, the release said.

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