Film crews at Joyland shoot trailer for zombie project

Film crews from Georgia were at Joyland Amusement Park on Thursday and Friday shooting a trailer for an upcoming zombie project, Joyland owner Margaret Spear confirmed.

Spear said she was initially contacted by the group because it was looking for an amusement park “in bad shape, because it was to be a horror film.”

“They wanted an amusement park that had folded,” Spear said. “We talked about it and I said, yeah, they could do that.”

Off-duty police officers were at the scene escorting cars in and out during the filming both days.

“A number of people from Wichita” were used as extras in the project, Spear said.

Spear said she thinks the group was tipped off about Joyland from articles and pictures published online in recent months.

She wouldn’t say whether she received compensation from the crews for shooting on her property.

The amusement park on South Hillside closed its gates permanently in 2006, and since its closing has been subject to break-ins, vandalism and fires.

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