These misdemeanors are grounds for denial of an officer’s license or discipline

Grounds for discipline

These 58 misdemeanors are grounds for denial of a license or discipline:

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Vehicular homicide; interference with parental custody; interference with custody of a committed person; criminal restraint; assault or assault of a law enforcement officer; battery, battery against a law enforcement officer, or battery against a school employee; mistreatment of a confined person; mistreatment of a dependent adult.

Unlawful administration of a substance; stalking; criminal sodomy; sexual battery; lewd and lascivious behavior.

Endangering a child; contributing to a child’s misconduct or deprivation; furnishing alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage to a minor; unlawfully hosting minors consuming alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage.

Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances; unlawful possession of controlled substances; unlawfully obtaining and distributing a prescription-only drug; unlawful possession of certain drug precursors and paraphernalia; unlawful distribution of certain drug precursors and drug paraphernalia; unlawful abuse of toxic vapors; unlawful distribution or possession of a simulated controlled substance; unlawful representation that noncontrolled substance is controlled substance.

Theft; theft of property lost; criminal deprivation of property; criminal trespass; criminal damage to property; giving a worthless check; counterfeiting; criminal use of a financial card; unlawful acts concerning computers; interference with law enforcement; interference with the judicial process; criminal disclosure of a warrant; simulating legal process; intimidation of a witness or victim; obstructing apprehension or prosecution; false impersonation.

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Tampering with a public record; tampering with a public notice; violation of a protective order; official misconduct; misuse of public funds; breach of privacy; denial of civil rights; criminal false communication; disorderly conduct; harassment by telecommunication device; criminal distribution of firearms to a felon; promoting obscenity or promoting obscenity to minors; promotion to minors of material harmful to minors; prostitution; promoting prostitution; patronizing a prostitute.

A second or subsequent occurrence of driving under the influence.