Cold Weather Rule about to go into effect

Turning the thermostat down while you sleep can have a big impact on your metabolism.
Turning the thermostat down while you sleep can have a big impact on your metabolism. Getty Images

For Kansans behind on utility payments and threatened with disconnection, the Cold Weather Rule begins Nov. 1 and will remain in effect through March 31.

The Kansas Corporation Commission encourages those who are past due on their bills and at risk for disconnection to prepare for the cold weather by contacting their utility company and making necessary payment arrangements.

Utility companies are prohibited from disconnecting a customer’s service when temperatures are forecast to be at or below 35 degrees over the next 24 hours. Companies are also required to offer a 12-month payment plan to allow consumers to either maintain or re-establish their service.

Customers are required to pay 1/12th of the total amount owed – of any disconnection or reconnection fee and any applicable deposit in equal payments over the next 11 months in addition to their currently monthly bill.

It applies to electric and natural gas utility companies.

For more information on the Cold Weather Rule, go to http://kcc.ks.gov/pi/cwr_english.htm or call the KCC’s Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection at 800-662-0027.

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