The Kansas Air National Guard’s changing roles

Here’s a look at the ever-changing role — and name — of the Kansas Air National Guard’s 184th Intelligence Wing.

Aug. 4, 1941: Equipped with a half-dozen aircraft, the 127th Observation Squadron becomes part of the U.S. Army Air Corps.

October 1941 to October 1945: Activated and serves through World War II with assignments in Tennessee and Okinawa.

Sept. 6, 1946: Becomes the 127th Fighter Squadron, equipped with F-51 Mustang fighters.

December 1949: Makes transition to F-84 Thunder Jet fighters.

October 1950: Redesignated 127th Fighter Bomber Squadron, activated for Korean War.

June 1954: Becomes the 127th Fighter Interceptor Squadron and receives F-80 Shooting Star jets.

January 1958: Makes transition to F-86 Sabre jets.

April 1961: Becomes 127th Tactical Fighter Squadron and converts to F-100 Super Sabre jets.

October 1962: Becomes 184th Tactical Fighter Group.

January 1968: Following North Korea’s seizure of the USS Pueblo, the 184th is activated and deployed to South Korea through June 1969.

March 1971: Reclassified as 184th Tactical Fighter Training Group, assigned duty of training Air Force personnel in the F-105 Thunderchief fighter.

August to October 1979: Receives the F-4D Phantom fighter; redesignated as the 184th Tactical Fighter Group.

January 1987: Begins conversion to F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft.

March 1992: Redesignated the 184th Fighter Group, becoming part of the newly formed Air Combat Command.

July 1994: Redesignated the 184th Bomb Group, first Air Guard unit to fly a heavy bomber, the B-1B.

Sept. 10, 2001: Assigned to fly KC-135R tankers in cost-cutting move by the Air Force.

Sept. 16, 2002: Redesignated the 184th Refueling Wing.

August 2005: As a part of a national restructuring of military bases, begins moving from flying mission to expanded intelligence and munitions storage mission.

December 2006: The 161st Squadron of the 184th switches to intelligence gathering.

April 2008: Redesignated 184th Intelligence Wing, marking the first time the unit no longer has a flying mission. Three squadrons designated for intelligence gathering.