Kansas House, District 78

Incumbent Rep. Ed Trimmer, a Democrat, faces a challenge from Larry Alley, running as an independent, in House District 78.

The district covers parts of Butler and Cowley counties.

Trimmer, 58, a retired debate coach and speech teacher, has been a legislator for five years. He says he has worked hard as an advocate for his district and that he considers legislation for what it does, not which political party proposes it.

Alley, 62, who works strategic planning at Spirit AeroSystems, said he is running because the Republican Party did not place anyone on the ballot and he thought voters needed a choice. He is endorsed by the Republican Party. He says he wants to restore fiscal stability in Topeka.

Kansas's 125 state representatives are elected to two-year terms. They develop and debate laws and approve the state's budget during a 90-day legislative session. They are paid $88.66 a day and receive $116 a day in expenses while in session or attending interim committee meetings.

Larry Alley

Party: Independent

Age: 62

Occupation: Strategic planning, Spirit AeroSystems

Education: Associate's degree, Butler County; bachelor's degree, Pittsburg State University

Political experience: Douglass school board, 10 years, past president

Phone: 620-221-0035

E-mail: info@larryalley.com

Website: www.larryalley.com

1. * Education funded by state and local funding

* Transportation — highway infrastructure, state and federal funding

* Safety, police and fire protection, local, county and state funding

2. Cut spending, review all regulations and restrictions which hamper job creation and remove them to create a job growth environment. We need more taxpayers and less taxes. Creating jobs will increase state revenues. Freeze government hiring, and make state budgets more transparent to the people of Kansas.

3. I am a pro-life supporter, and do not support abortion. The only circumstance that should be considered would be if the life of the mother is threatened and that decision would be between her, her family, her doctor and her God. I would support a law similar to Nebraska, which bans abortion after 20 weeks.

Ed Trimmer

Party: Democrat

Age: 58

Occupation: Retired educator

Education: Bachelor's degree, Emporia State University, 50-plus hours of graduate credit

Political experience: Five years in state House

Phone: 620-221-7146

E-mail: etrimmer@cox.net

Website: www.members.cox.net/etrimmer

1. * We need to continue to support essential services for the people of Kansas, including but not limited to, home and community based services, education, veterans, public safety, and infrastructure.

* We should provide incentives for businesses with 1 to 100 employees.

* Business incentives should be tied directly to job growth. Money should come from economic growth from programs that actually promote job growth.

2. We should have greater transparency in regard to corporate incentives. We need to make sure that incentives are for actual job creation, not just the promise of jobs. Since 1998 we have given billions of dollars in incentives for job creation and yet private sector job growth has remained stagnant. If we had required better performance for our incentives, we would not be facing our current budget situation.

3. I do not believe abortion should be a form of birth control, but I also believe that the decision should be left up to the mother and her doctor. I believe they should be legal, safe, and few, in number. I believe the law is restrictive enough, now.