No TIF in Planeview

Plans for a new grocery store in one of Wichita's poorest neighborhoods died quietly Tuesday, as city leaders voted to terminate a special taxing district intended to help build the store.

City Council members voted unanimously to end a tax increment financing — or TIF — district in Planeview. There was no public comment or council discussion.

The council had approved the TIF district in September to help developer Rob Snyder build a Save-A-Lot grocery store at Pawnee and George Washington Boulevard. The district would have generated more than $400,000 toward the estimated $2 million cost of developing the grocery store.

But last month, the Sedgwick County Commission voted unanimously to block the plan. State law allows any of the governments that would contribute tax revenue — city, county or school district — to veto TIF districts.

That left council members with few options on Tuesday.

"Under state law the city is required to adopt an ordinance within 30 days that terminates the TIF district," said Allen Bell, the city's director of urban development. "What you have before you today is that ordinance."

The council voted unanimously to end the district, which Snyder said would kill the grocery store project.

"What it means is that our lovely, gutless county commissioners destroyed a nice project for the neighborhood," Snyder said.

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