Q&A about arena parking, seating and acts

Here are readers’ questions about Intrust Bank Arena and answers found by our reporters.

Has there been any talk of having the Q Line pick up people at shopping centers like the Brittany Center, 21st and Woodlawn, and Westlink Shopping Center, Central and Tyler? If not, why not? Other communities do this.

The Q Line cannot run outside the downtown area because it is funded by federal money and required to run only downtown.

Additional shuttle services are available from the Wichita transit center, but they must be requested by the arena.

Is there going to be a fee to park in the handicapped spots at the arena?

Handicapped parking will be in the surface lots on the north and south sides of the arena. There are 24 on-site parking spots. Parking in those spots is free on a first-come, firstserved basis. People will be asked to provide identification that matches a handicapped placard or license plate.

Other handicapped parking will be provided at the lowest parking fee charged on any given event night. Handicapped parking is available in four city-owned lots. There are 12 spots in Lot A, in the State Office Building’s parking garage; 13 spaces in Lot B, the surface lot south of the State Office Building; six spaces in Lot C, at Emporia and Lewis; and 18 spaces in Lot D, southeast of the arena on Waterman.

The Q Line trolley system, which will carry people from free lots at Old Town, Lawrence-Dumont Stadium and Exploration Place, is handicapped accessible. Two wheelchairs can fit on each trolley.

Why are taxpayers paying for parking twice? When the downtown arena sales tax was promoted and sold to the public, it included a significant parking garage to help mitigate the parking issue. The parking garage was never built. And now the taxpayers are being asked to pay again to park around the arena?

A parking garage was proposed as a possibility if needed. A consultant found that enough parking already existed around the arena to accommodate most events. The county also decided that parking should be dispersed to encourage foot traffic in a revitalized core area rather than funneled into a garage.

With or without a parking garage, there was no promise that people wouldn’t have to pay to park at events.

People who don’t want to pay to park may park outside the area and ride free shuttles from Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, Exploration Place or Old Town. Free on-street parking may also be available.

The parking budget from the arena tax ended up at $5æmillion. The county has spent about half that amount to improve four city-owned lots that are being used as parking around the arena. One was built out of a dirt lot, another was expanded, and two were re-striped and had lighting added.

Why was it decided to remove 11,000 square feet on one side of the arena to install “luxury boxes” rather than install the 2,000 to 3,000 seats to bring total capacity to 18,000 seats required for a NCAA tournament?

Sedgwick County assistant manager Ron Holt said “all modern first-class facilities include premium seating with amenities that these patrons pay extra for, as a means to make the facility more financially viable.”

The county used an appointed citizen design review committee that worked with the architectural and engineering team to design a venue that seats 15,000 for basketball. County commissioners made the final decision on the design of the arena.

Holt said the NCAA requirement is 12,500 seats for basketball. The arena will host women’s first- and secondround NCAA basketball tournament games in 2011.

He said the arena will seek men’s first- and second-round NCAA tournament games in 2014 or 2015.

When you access the seating chart PDF on the arena site, it does not include the seating chart for concerts. Where can I find the concert seating chart?

There were seating charts for a variety of events in a Dec. 13 arena insert in The Eagle. You also can find many seating charts for specific events at www.selectaseat.com.

Will any African-American groups perform at the arena _ or will it be mostly country acts?

No African-American music groups are currently scheduled. Arena marketing director Sarah Haertl said the Harlem Globetrotters will be at the arena Jan. 22 and noted a variety of events are on the calendar.