Can you see all 12 black dots?

Can you see all 12 black dots in this optical illusion? Probably not at once. And if you can, you might not be human.

But all 12 dots exist, even though we can’t see them all at the same time.

The illusion was first posted to Facebook by Japanese psychology professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Then Will Kerslake, a game developer, tweeted the illusion Sunday.

The Verge, a publication that covers technology, science, art and culture, talked to Derek Arnold, a vision scientist at the University of Queensland in Australia.

Arnold said the illusion tricks human brains because our peripheral vision is pretty bad. Our eyes can focus on what’s in front of them, but the brain has to make its best guess about what’s most likely in the periphery, thus filling in the mental image accordingly, and leaving out the other dots.

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