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Small Business Spotlight: 2 Dogs Designs offers custom looks in concrete

As prevalent as concrete is in everyday life, Kalven Cederberg says, its use in custom-made objects like countertops and benches makes for a unique look.

“It’s one of a kind. No one going’s to replicate it,” he said. “Some soft-surface materials are so replicated, they look like they come out of the manufacturer. Each house looks the same. With concrete, it’s very customizable.”

Cederberg started 2 Dogs Designs just over two years ago to produce concrete furniture and furnishings to order. A job he was working on this week is typical. He started out by meeting with the owner of a WaterWalk condo expanding into a property next door. After taking measurements and making templates of a wet bar countertop and fireplace hearth, Cederberg returned to his workshop east of Andover to cast the pieces, a process that will take about a month.

Cederberg, a former high school agriculture teacher who grew up in north-central Kansas, said his first started working with concrete by making faux boulders with people’s names or business logos on them. Then a friend asked him to make a basement bar out of concrete.

“It didn’t turn out too well. But I went back and figured out how to do it, and it just kind of exploded from there,” he said.

He has trained with concrete casting operations in Florida and Georgia.

“It’s very trendy right now,” he said of the use of concrete.

Part of the reason is that the final appearance depends on how it’s handled

Backsplashes, sinks, vanity tops, shower walls, firepits, pavers and planters are other objects he produces. Concrete can be finished with a variety of textures, stains and colors and made to resemble marble, granite and other materials.

Cederberg also does work for commercial clients, including the countertops in Countryside Pet Clinic, which is owned by his brother.

His wife is also a veterinarian. But Cederberg said that’s not where the name of his company came from. Instead, he said, “I looked up, and my two dogs were laying there on the floor and I thought ‘that’s it – two dogs.’ ”

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