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Small Business Spotlight: Woman’s plans for Wichita business are all cosmetic

Pascalle Bass hopes to make Wichita a more glamorous place by opening Makeup, Beauty & Style by Pascalle.
Pascalle Bass hopes to make Wichita a more glamorous place by opening Makeup, Beauty & Style by Pascalle. Eagle correspondent

Pascalle Bass wants to make Wichita a more glamorous place, one makeup application and photo session at a time.

A bubbly 33-year-old who practically talks in a series of exclamation points, she started Makeup, Beauty & Style by Pascalle to bring the “fashion-forward” looks you would find in a big city setting to Wichita.

“I decided I want to express my art a little more freely,” Bass said. “I noticed there was really nothing going on toward more fashion-forward photo shoots. It just didn’t seem as though it was a major focus here.”

Bass has worked in department stores as a resident makeup artist for Chanel for the past four years. She started Makeup, Beauty & Style out of her home and plans to move into old the Grand and Patrick Hotel building now being renovated on Douglas when it opens.

Bass’ services include the makeup “sculpting” that she likens to plastic surgery without an operation and calls the hottest trend in the industry. The photo gallery on her website features models with multicolored eyelids and dramatic swooshes along their cheekbones and foreheads.

Bass said a family connection brought her to Wichita from Atlanta, where she had studied art before getting into the makeup business.

“If you can paint a portrait, it’s a cinch you can do art,” she said.

Bass hopes to serve both the local modeling industry and people who just want to look like for a model for the day. She said she has put together a team of freelance models, photographers, stylists and wardrobe and location consultants – the latter including her mother, Caroline Robinson – to stage fashion shoots.

“We’re kind of in this co-op together,” she said. “That’s one angle of the business.”

The other is makeup services for weddings, parties and other events. Those include consultations; makeup for women, men, children and seniors; touch-ups; and false eyelash application.

“What I enjoy doing is the fashion glamor type of work, but I would have to say I can definitely provide styles for all clients,” Bass said.

“If a client wants something natural, of course I can do something natural. But if a client wants something very fashion-forward and glamorous, I can do that.”

Bass said one of her specialties is “sculpting,” a method of highlighting and shading natural features.

“You can slenderize someone’s nose, sharpen someone’s jawbone – you can even drop 5 to 10 pounds from the face,” she said. “It’s like plastic surgery, but for makeup. It’s amazing.”

Bass also wants to “give back” to the community by helping some aspiring models put together portfolios for little or no cost.

“At one point, I myself wanted to get into this industry,” she said. “I went to a model call. I left there feeling so discouraged.

“First of all, they need a bazillion photos of well-rounded work, not to mention it’s very harsh and judgmental. I want to change that.”

Although Bass said she misses the energy and culture of Atlanta, she said its residents aren’t as “warm” as those in the Midwest, where she spent time as a child. And here she gets to work with one of her biggest fans – her mother.

“I’m so excited about that,” Bass said. “She’s taught me so much.

“Now she gets to help me, and I get to show my appreciation for all she’s done for me.”

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Makeup, Beauty & Style by Pascalle

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