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Wichita interior designer opens shop on east Central

Tiffany Farha is opening a new design studio on east Central.
Tiffany Farha is opening a new design studio on east Central. The Wichita Eagle

Nothing against her interior design clients, but Tiffany Farha is excited about a new undertaking that has little to do with them: Shop Tiffany, a new shop on Central.

“I don’t want to say that in offense to my clients, but it allows me to be creative,” she said. “The store is like a painting to me. But it’s not a painting, it’s a showroom.”

Farha, who also runs Tiffany Farha Design, was recently selected to lead interior updates of Cedar Crest, the Kansas governor’s mansion in Topeka, based on her presentation of a French country design. The mansion was last updated under the administration of Gov. Bill Graves.

She opened her shop to customers by appointment a couple months ago and is adding regular hours in coming months. She’s holding a grand opening June 26 and will stay open through June 29. After that, she plans to open on Final Friday art crawl days and “eventually be open more regularly, probably two days a week.”

The shop carries new and antique furniture and furnishings, artwork, jewelry, pillows, gifts, some outdoor items and more.

“It’s a collection of items I’ve been collecting for years – pieces that are exciting to me and that I think are different than what a lot of things are in Wichita,” Farha said.

Born and raised in Wichita, Farha left to study opera singing in Arizona and California, then trained in interior design in Scottsdale, Ariz. Farha, however, says her mother, Darla, was her original teacher in design. “I really learned at her knee.”

She’s been primarily an interior designer for the last 23 years, performing mostly residential work with occasional commercial clients.

“I started in Arizona and Los Angeles and then lived in New York, (and) up and down both coasts. I came back about 15 years and opened in Wichita,” she said.

Interior design remains her “main thing” but she’s enthused about the shop “because it’s creatively giving me a challenge, and it’s exciting and it’s something new and fresh.”

Since she’s filling and staging it herself, she can also focus on her own preferences rather than a client’s. “I have a very fresh, very light palette,” she said. “I use a lot of whites and neutrals, with punches of color. I use a lot of modern art mixed in with traditional pieces. I love to support local artists doing creative things.”

Four fellow designers and an intern are helping with the shop, which has about 2,500 square feet of showroom and nearly as much storage space, she said.

Farha, who now has an office at home, plans to move all operations to the Central location at some point. She said she’s always liked the red tile-roofed building, which is located near the new Revolutsia development and was formerly home to the late Patricia Wormhoudt’s design business.

“I love that space. It’s charming. I loved Pat, the designer.”

She has made the space her own.

“I’ve painted it,” she said. “It’s all new.”

Shop Tiffany

Address: 2820 E. Central

Phone: 316-260-5353

Owner: Tiffany Farha