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Red Door Three exhibit company opens showroom in Andover

Stacy L. Edmundson Red Door Display and Exhibit Solutions. (February 6, 2019)
Stacy L. Edmundson Red Door Display and Exhibit Solutions. (February 6, 2019) The Wichita Eagle

After nearly five years of running a display and exhibit business, Stacy Edmundson finally has a place to show off her work.

Edmundson, owner of Red Door Three, opened a showroom in Andover last month where clients can get a look at the kind of booths her company creates for trade shows.

Previously, she said, “Whenever we’re out talking to clients, they can’t really grasp everything we do. So we created a ‘solution center’ that has samples of products, flooring, visuals and sample booths.”Red Door Three will mark its fifth anniversary on April 1, and Edmundson plans to hold an open house to highlight the new showroom sometime next month. She opened the business after working seven years for another exhibit company. She picked the name because is associated with “passion,” a door signals options, and she has three children.

“I was intrigued by the industry,” she said. “Every project is totally different. It’s exciting to see that whatever the client has envisioned, we make it come to life, then see that client see it for the first time. Personally, I feel our industry helps clients open their doors to new opportunities.”

The deciding factor to jump in was the opportunity to work with Nimlok, a Chicago-based company that Edmundson said is the largest manufacturer of exhibits in the world. “They pick exhibit companies like ours all across the United States to work with,” she said.

Red Door Three fabricates some displays, but usually Edmundson and her crew design them and Nimlok produces them. Red Door Three sets them up at trade shows — often held in Las Vegas, Chicago, Orange County or other popular destinations — and then stores and maintains them in a warehouse for future use. Clients typically use a booth for three to five years before deciding “they want something new or they rebrand or reconfigure their booth.”

Edmundson employs one person full-time and utilizes several others on a contract basis. All have at least 15 years in the business, including a lead designer with over two decades experience, she said.

Last year, Red Door Three won an in-house award from Nimlok for its work on a booth for the Appearance Group, an aircraft cleaning company based in Wichita. It was circular in shape, with accent lighting and custom cabinetry.

For another client, a trash liner maker based in Pittsburg, Red Door Three made a booth with two conference rooms, so that the company could conduct business privately with customers during a trade show.

Red Door Three primarily targets clients in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, although it does have customers elsewhere. Aviation-related companies are a prime source of business here but far from the only one, Edmundson said. “There’s a trade show for every industry out there.”

The displays Red Door Three rents and sells range in price from “pop-up” exhibits made up of generic modular components clients can assemble themselves up to customized exhibits. Red Door Three also sells items such as banners and flags and creates permanent displays such as “corporate history walls” that companies can use in their place of business.

In the trade show booth area, Edmundson said, one of the hottest trends is more sophisticated lighting. Many of the booths that Red Door Three makes for clients can be used in several different configurations, depending on the size and type of event.

“That’s a way for clients to save money and justify the cost,” she said.

Red Door Three

Address: 118 E. 13th Street, Suite 85, Andover

Phone: (316) 570-2773

Owner: Stacy Edmundson