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Concergent IT’s expansion will allow it to provide data services to more clients

Dan Reisig
Dan Reisig Courtesy photo

Concergent IT’s most recent expansion includes an office upgrade, but what founder Dan Reisig is really excited about is the company’s bigger digital storage capabilities.

“We’ll be able to offer a lot more services for folks around Kansas and the Midwest,” Reisig said. “We can probably serve another 1,000 clients.”

It’s the fifth and biggest expansion for Concergent IT since Reisig started it in 2001. Located in the Farm Credit Building, Concergent was bought by Hutchinson-based Underground Vaults and Storage in 2016. Reisig is president of Underground’s technology division.

In addition to data storage, Concergent offers data services, designs systems and sells hardware and software clients in a variety of industries. Concergent employs 10 people in technical work, sales and marketing.

“Underground has been fantastic to work with,” Reisig said. “They’ve surrounded me with the right people to do what I do best.”

Reisig is a former member of the U.S. Air Force. Shortly after launching Concergent, his customers began asking him to provide off-site data backup and emergency recovery services.

Currently, more than 500 clients use Concergent’s data center. Some “run their entire company out of the data center,” Reisig said, while others use it as back-up.

“Let’s say they got hacked. They can use our system off-site to recover their business.

I can’t think of a company that doesn’t need to be thinking about ‘How do I keep my computer system functioning?’ Everybody’s so reliant on their systems these days.”

The infrastructure costs associated with digital data storage, including maintaining certain environmental conditions, make using Concergent IT attractive to many businesses, he said.

“We’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars so our customers don’t have to,” Reisig said.

Security concerns about using the public cloud for data storage and being located in the same city as many clients also seems to work in Concergent’s favor, Reisig said.

“The biggest part is we’re local. A lot of people don’t want to go to Dallas or Chicago or Kansas City” if there’s a problem, he said.

Reisig said Concergent’s 15,000 square feet is about 12 times the amount of space he started in. The expansion includes a new education center where the company will offer “lunch and learn” programs to clients.

“We’ll bring in outside subject matter expects,” Reisig said. “They can learn how to be prepared for cyber attacks and things like that.”

Specifiying that the programs won’t include any sales pitches for Concergent, Reisig said, “It’s just a good place to come and learn.”

Concergent IT

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