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Sedgwick County makes $1.38 million selling rural land parcels

A map of the area where land was sold Thursday.
A map of the area where land was sold Thursday. Courtesy of McCurdy Auction

Four parcels of land owned by Sedgwick County were sold at auction at noon Thursday, generating more than $1 million in revenue for the county.

Three parcels were sold together – approximately 317 acres – for $1.43 million, just north of the northeast Sedgwick County Park, at 77th and 127th streets. A fourth 43-acre parcel, south of the park, sold for $94,600, totaling $1,524,600.

The land sold for $4,235 an acre.

McCurdy Auction was selected through a competitive bid process to auction the land. After costs of sale and closing expenses are subtracted, the county is expected to net approximately $1.38 million.

Fifteen registered bidders were present among the approximately 60 people who had gathered for the auction.

The land was most recently used for agricultural purposes.

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