Public Records

Mechanic liens and tax warrants (Jan. 22)

Mechanics liens

Liens have been filed by:

Adib Michael, doing business as Romani Construction, against AGM Properties, $31,058.

Andale Ready Mix Central against Santana’s Construction, $4,475.

Tax warrants

Petra Facilities Group, 3747 N. Topeka; and Peter Ratcliffe, 300 N. Crestway, $5,605 in sales tax.

Christian Dean, 10096 E. 13th, Suite 126; and Felecia A. DeSpain, 9206 E. Bedell, $2,669 in sales tax.

Brian L. Bergman, doing business as Brian L. Berman, 53 Arapaho Drive, Park City, $191,499 in consumer compensating use tax and $195,072 in sales tax.

Burger House and David S. Udden, 821 N. Sprindale Drive, $5,102 in withholding tax, $670 in sales tax.

A&M Enterprises, 2306 S. Broadway; and Michael Drapf, 3113 N. Wellington Place, $32,941 in sales tax.

KC Dental Arts, 132 N. West; and Kent Wortman, 7603 W. Shady Lane, $5,922 in withholding tax.

Dooley Water & Energy Solutions, 429 N. Main, Garden Plain; and Lou Dooley, 212 Garnett Ave., Garden Plain, $115,580 in two warrants.

Neish Institute and Angela J. Neish, 8868 N. Red Cedar Lane, $168,063 in sales tax.

Servco the Spa Co., 2136 W. Second, suite 100; and Fenimore C. Blow, 10433 Lynndale, $2,807 in sales tax.

Jesus F. Robles, doing business as Mexican Hot Dogs, 2847 E. Pawnee, $660 in sales tax.

Ott Auto Sales and Lloyd L. Ott, 1612 E. Southridge Court, Derby, $1,258 in sales tax.

Richard A. Jack, doing business as Lil Joe’s Dyne Quick, 3502 Mildred, $600 in sales tax.

Curley’s American Diner, Carlos A. Magana and David J. Rohr, 1401 S. Goebel Circle, $2,107 in withholding tax.

Stephen M. Joseph, 11611 W. Ponderosa, $2,107 in withholding tax.