Public Records

Commercial Building Permits (Jan. 15)

The following applications for commercial building permits have been filed by contractors on the seventh floor of City Hall, 455 N. Main, and The Sedgwick County Yard, Seneca and Stillwell.


Abuelo’s West, 452 S. Ridge Road, $1,000,000, building, Accel Construction.

Academy Sports, 2532 N. Greenwich Road, $3,500,000, building, Law Co.

American Bank, 8111 E. 32nd N., $178,000, alteration, Sauerwein Construction.

Bob Cook Homes, 3912 N. Manchester, $161,494, house.

Brooks Middle School, 3802 E. 27th N., $4,100,000, addition, Compton Construction.

Central Sterile Supply, 929 N. St. Francis, $120,000, alteration, Martin Eby Construction.

Coffee Shop, 9414 W. Central, $25,000, alteration, Suellentrop Construction.

Comotara Industrial Park, 870 E. 34th N., $15,000, demolition, Sauerwein Construction.

Douglas Wealth Management, 10096 E. 13th St., $111,000, alteration, Icon Structures.

Entercom Tenant, 9111 E. Douglas, $222,374, alteration, Roth Construction.

FireShark Arcade, 11310 E. 21st St., $70,000, addition, Chris Martsolf Co.

First Title, 12041 E. 13th St., $62,000, alteration, Accel Construction.

GraceMed Clinic, 785 W. Lincoln, $800,000, building, Out For Bids.

Great Plains Nature Center, 6232 E. 29th N., $27,450, alteration, One80 Group LLC.

Intrust Bank, 105 N. Main, $2,000,000, renovation, Law Co.

Jakub’s Ladder, 1828 S. Santa Fe, $107,219, house.

KWCH 12, 2815 E. 37th N., $374,000, alteration, Sauerwein Construction.

Lifestyle Homes Group, 3337 N. Brush Creek Circle, $242,822, house.

M&S Trim and Leisure Homes, 2545 S. Maize Court, $134,576, house.

Mennonite Housing, houses: 1437 N. Kansas, 1423 N. Kansas, 1447 N. Kansas, 1455 N. Kansas, each valued at $125,761.

Mullin Inc., 406 S. Nineiron Court, $136,218, house.

Office Building, 420 S. Ridge Road, $650,000, addition, Venture Construction.

Portifino Apartments, 12526 E. Central, $58,000, addition, Hazen Construction Services.

QuikTrip, 1623 E. 47th S., $50,000, canopy, $490,000, building, The Riverside Group.

Robl Construction, houses: 6417 W. Kollmeyer Court, $136,702, 105 N. Fawnwood, $188,087.

Ruud Concrete Plant, 3530 N. Topeka, buildings, $20,000, $170,000, Ruud Building Systems.

Skin Essentials, 4726 E. Douglas, $25,000, alteration, Texturite LLC.

Slick Wraps, 355 N. Mosley, $75,000, alteration, Ink Construction.

The Lux, 120 E. First St., $28,000, addition, Farha Construction.