Public Records

Commercial Building Permits (Jan. 8)

The following applications for commercial building permits have been filed by contractors on the seventh floor of City Hall, 455 N. Main, and The Sedgwick County Yard, Seneca and Stillwell.


Sims Golf Course, 2020 W. Murdock, $145,000, alteration, Jeff Van Asdale.

Wilkinson Construction, 13303 E. Laguna, $159,778, house.

Mennonite Housing, houses: 1561 N. Kansas, $125,761, 1545 N. Kansas, 1529 N. Kansas, 1515 N. Kansas, each valued at $115,648.

Retail Building, 225 S. West St., $98,500, building, MFA & Associates.

Withers Building, 11018 E. Central, $30,000, alteration, Oakridge Construction Services.

Diversified Services, 721 E. Murdock, $197,370, alteration, Beran Concrete.

Mike Love Construction, 13006 W. Red Rock, $150,711, house.

Independent School, 8301 E. Douglas, $232,029, alteration, Bauer & Sons Construction.

Matt Riley, 6529 S. Cedardale, $712,185, house.

Craig Stuart Homes, 4516 W. Shoreline, $253,634, house.

Northrock Office Building, 8110 E. 32nd N., $85,000, alteration, Icon Structures.

Cardboard Recycling, 805 E. Murdock, $80,000, alteration, Construction GT LLC.

Stanford Health, 2616 N. Maize Road, $200,000, alteration, Firstcon Inc.


Craig Pate Construction, 6465 N. 159th S., $333,836, house.

Verizon, 15807 E. Kellogg, $50,000, cell tower, True North Management Services.

Sprint, 10715 E. Pawnee, $25,000, repair, True North Managment Services.

Cessna Aircraft, 1 W. Cessna Blvd., $545,000, door replacement, Conco Inc.

Kampling Construction, 37321 W. Black Circle, $382,430, house.