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Tax warrants

Tax warrants

Mickey’s Yogurt; and Shawn P. and Miranda R. Berkley, 149 Chelmsford Court, $33,735 in sales tax and $9,811 in withholding tax.

Hector Hernandez, doing business as El Jalapeno, 1009 N. Roosevelt, $2,338 in sales tax.

Joseph T. Wekamp, doing business as New 2 U Auto Sales, 507 N. Ridgehurst, $6,371 in sales tax.

Bernard T. Poole, P.A., 11 Sandpiper, $3,210 in corporate income tax.

Dhrmenda D. Bhakta, 3453 Sabin Court; and Harshad B. Bhakta, 8401 W. Kellogg, $42,617 in transient guest tax.

Vision Doctors, 1221 N. Rock Road, Suite 100, Derby; and Michael D. Gordon, 10225 E. 71st South, $6,832 in withholding tax.

Patricia L. Ortiz, doing business as Los Gira Sole Mexican Restaurant, 1548 S. Ida, 10A, for $1,437 in sales tax.

Andrew R. Longstaff, doing business as Classic Pest, 3075 S. Hiram, $716 in sales tax.