Public Records

Liens and tax warrants (April 16)

Mechanics liens

Liens have been filed by:

Fidelity Management Corp., for Country Place Greens Homeowners Association, against Crescent Capital Investment, $7,744.

Cornejo & Sons against Dream Life Homes, $3,632.

FBM Wagner Distributing against Wheatland Drywall, Goddard, $2,703.

Harp Well & Pump Service against B.P. Remodeling, $3,006.

Tax warrants

Mideast Corp., doing business as Flying Eagle II, 6330 E. 21st, and Gurinderpal S. Sira, 8730 W. Havenhurst Court, $9,426 in sales tax.

H&N Enterprises, 6249 E. 21st, Suite 100, and Manjur Alam, 2526 Banbury, $25,513 in sales tax.

Wichita Granite & Cabinetry and Feng Huang, 1800 S. West, $26,245 in sales tax, $3,141 in withholding tax.

Patricia L. Ortiz, 130 S. Greenwich, Lot 97, $1,125 in sales tax.

Dooley’s Rainwater Conditioning, 429 N. Main, Garden Plain, $136,424 in sales tax; $10,130 in withholding tax.

Michael D. Dooley and Lou Dooley, 212 Garnett Ave., Garden Plain, $4,876 in sales tax.

Powerplus Technology and Peter M. Machutta Sr., 1200 W. Carey Lane, No. 61, $3,421 in withholding tax.

CART, 105 S. Devonshire, Bentley; and Carlos and Rosario Delgado, 2201 E. MacArthur, Lot C4, $1,192 in withholding tax and $548 in sales tax.

Petronila Ortiz, doing business as Novedades Melanie, 2216 S. Ridgewood Drive, $2,367 in sales tax.

Top Seed Lawn & Landscape and Samuel F. Rudd, 530 S. Shira Circle, Haysville; and Timothy J. McDonald, 734 N. Country Acres, Apt. 120, $11,659 in sales tax.

Diamondback, doing business as Dukes Bar & Grill; and Kurt M. Brown, 130 Greenwich Road, Lot 236, $1,282 in sales tax.

Auto Town and Jay P. Cheatum, 4543 S. Ida, $11,784 in sales tax.

Mark M. Meeks, doing business as L&M Used Furniture & Treasures, 1704 S. Hiram, $1,342 in sales tax.

Dorphan Carter, doing business as DCS Corner, 1801 N. Grove, $3,006 in sales tax.