Health Care

In maneuver, heart surgeon Idbeis sues his company

Wichita heart surgeon Badr Idbeis filed suit this week against his own company, CHA, seeking $3.1 million.

Idbeis, who founded the company and is still its CEO, alleges in the suit that he hasn't been repaid for $600,000 in loans to the company and is owed $2.4 million for wages he was never paid.

Idbeis said Wednesday that the suit is essentially a legal maneuver to bolster his position in any kind of legal settlement involving company creditors.

"It was filed consensually," he said.

However, Idbeis said, the company has virtually no money flowing through it these days.

He founded the company, formerly Cardiovascular Hospitals of America, to work with local doctors around the world build their own hospitals, but the new health care law has outlawed such hospitals, he said.

"The law of the land under Obamacare is that physician-owned hospitals are no longer legal," he said. "That's pretty much it, unless that law gets repealed, which I hope it will."

Idbeis also is an owner in Kansas Medical Center in Andover, but it is not a CHA hospital.