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5 questions with Rob Carlo, creator of Snipbo

Rob Carlo has created a new e-commerce platform called Snipbo.
Rob Carlo has created a new e-commerce platform called Snipbo. The Wichita Eagle

Rob Carlo of Wichita is a veteran developer of e-commerce sites and has run his own.

But in recent years, he has developed a new platform, called Snipbo. He formally launched it last week in conjunction with a charity fundraiser at Old Cowtown.

According to its Facebook page, Snipbo “is a feature packed new social media networking site to help you keep your online life organized and also allows users to buy and sell items.”

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Carlo is married to Karen, and they have four children.

Q. What is Snipbo?

A. It’s got all the social media features that you would find on Facebook and the organization of Pinterest. It’s all kind of combined together with different privacy functions and organization, and you can sell through it as well.

Q. Why is this different and better than what’s out there?

A. People ask if we’re in competition with these companies, but we look at them more as partners, really. We’re pretty integrated with Facebook and other platforms, eBay, Amazon.

But there is no single spot for everything on there. You can’t do the social stuff on Amazon. EBay, you can sell things, but you can’t bookmark your entire life. Snipbo can be used for selling or even just for a presentation, wedding planning, the possibilities are really endless.

Q. How are you going to grow?

A. At first we will be hitting the local market: friends, friends of friends, friends of family.

But, afterward, we will be looking at small business. We will offer them free selling, free marketing, some free e-mail marketing for integration for the buttons on their site. … That way we’ll have a pretty diversified class of users. I have clients who sell everything from dog collars to housewares.

Q. How long have you been working on this?

A. Four years, four very long years. Who would have thought it takes that long to build something a billion-dollar company built over 10 years?

Q. So, when does the fun start?

A. For me, fun is always in the planning and development. This, I’ve been at it so long, I don’t know anything else.

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