Carrie Rengers

Two new businesses opening at Westway Shopping Center

Westway Shopping Center at the southwest corner of Pawnee and Seneca has a couple of new tenants. Though Scott Harper at Landmark Commercial Real Estate did the deals, MoonStone’s Karla Hurt had a little extra guidance in deciding to relocate there.

Hurt’s metaphysical store, which used to be in Arizona, carries crystals and sterling silver jewelry and offers readings, therapies and meditation instruction.

The store’s lease was up at 47th and Broadway when Hurt began considering 1,500 square feet at Westway.

“Don’t make me sound hokey, but it’s true: The spirits said it’s time to go,” Hurt says. “We absolutely knew this was it.”

After a quick decision and move, Hurt opened last week to “a great sales day.”

Though it may seem like Arizona is a more natural home to all things metaphysical, Hurt says that’s not the case.

“I remember a friend of mine said, ‘Don’t talk the way you talk because people don’t talk that way,’” Hurt says.

Then, she says, the same friend saw people randomly approach her at stores and immediately connect with her.

“There’s a lot of people searching spiritually,” Hurt says. “We honor all paths to the divine.”

Phap Truong also will be opening a business at Westway.

Truong owns Nails by Emily in front of the Target near Maple and Ridge.

He’s opening a new nail and hair salon in New Directions’ former 2,300 square feet and has decided to keep the name as well.

“It had a pretty good reputation,” Truong says of the business.

Look for the new New Directions to open in early March.

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