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Dan Dopps will be Chill’n with ClearNeon

A liquor store and a paint business – but not just any paint business – will be the last two tenants in the former HomeTown Buffet space on West Central just east of Ridge Road.

Chiropractor Dan Dopps remodeled the 13,500-square-foot building and moved his Dopps Chiropractic to 5,500 square feet of it.

Now, a full-service liquor store, Chill’n Liquor, will open there, along with a smoke shop.

“It’s just a perfect location,” says J.D. McKown, who is managing the business for a corporation.

“There’s a lot of apartments behind us,” he says.

McKown says there’s also a lack of liquor stores nearby.

“There’s only a couple in this area.”

Chill’n could open as early as Wednesday.

It will take 4,000 square feet, as will ClearNeon, an invisible-ultraviolet paint company that Dopps owns.

The idea for the company started with a New Year’s party Dopps had in 1999 in a garage that had collector cars in it.

“I didn’t want to trash the room with decorating,” Dopps says.

He put his chemistry background to work and came up with a washable neon paint that can be seen only with a black light.

“It’s a paint that you can spray on anything,” Dopps says.

That includes clothing, walls and furniture.

Normal laundry or other washing removes the paint.

“That’s where I came up with the idea, and it just grew from there,” Dopps says. “At that point, I only had one color.”

He worked on the formula for about four years. Though he then got a patent, Dopps still tries to perfect the paint.

“I still work on that,” he says.

“It’s fun for parties. It’s fun for a lot of stuff.”

He says a variety of businesses and people use his paint, including Disney World, Epcot and the band Coldplay, which uses it for backdrops during concerts.

“It’s been in 10 Hollywood movies,” Dopps says.

He says “The Fast and the Furious” was the first one. Dopps can’t rattle off the whole list, though.

“I don’t keep up with that.”

Dopps says various police forces use the paint, as does the military.

“They won’t tell me what they use it for, but they buy a lot.”

Dopps says it’s especially good for kids, from small ones to those in dorms and apartments.

“They can spray stuff all over the wall.”

Though it cleans easily, he says there’s not really a need to clean it.

“When they move out, nobody even knows it’s there – until they turn on a black light.”

The new space will be a warehouse for the product and won’t be a storefront business. It’ll be in the back of the building.

Even though ClearNeon has some high-profile users, Dopps says he can’t focus that much time on his paint business.

“I got too many other things going.”

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